Roof Maintenance from Experienced Denver Contractors

Even well-maintained commercial buildings and residences require roof maintenance from time to time. At R3NG, LLC, our roofing experts are committed to keeping your commercial roofing system in working order, as well as helping you avoid costly issues in the future. Are you unsure if you need roof repair service? Our experts can inspect your current roofing system for signs of age or wear and recommend the most cost-effective solution to help keep you, your family, and your belongings protected for years to come.

An unsightly or worn-down roof can not only be unappealing; if you’re a business owner, it can also be a liability. Many home and business owners are unaware when they need roof maintenance in Denver. Don’t wait until a problem arises to schedule a repair. With over a decade of experience, our roofing crew is equipped with the knowledge and skills to restore your building’s covering. From asphalt shingle to flat foam, no matter what material your roofing system is made of, our team is prepared to deliver a comprehensive solution.

Offering Roof Repair Services for a Variety of Materials

Our specialists have extensive experience with the most popular roofing materials currently in circulation. Many contractors specialize in only one or a few types of roof repair. At our company, we have the experience needed to service almost any roofing type – from Denver commercial roofing to residential roofing systems.

Membrane is suitable for use in various commercial roofing applications. When you need a cost-effective roofing system, turn to our experts for our single-ply membrane roof service. Membrane works well in any application where you wish to opt for performance, especially in areas of high heat. Our experts carefully ensure that your membrane roofing system is attached and fully adhered to your roof so your building can stay cool, even in the unrelenting hot days of summer.

Should you need them, we also provide a metal roof service and tile roof service for residential homes. No matter what material your system may have, we believe no homeowner should go without a proper roofing system to protect them.

Coat Asphalt Shingle Roofing to Extend its Lifespan

Beyond physical repairs, we specialize in roof coating services. Our team utilizes a rejuvenation coating that helps preserve and protect new and existing roofing systems. As part of our single-ply roof service, our experts apply a fabric-reinforced acrylic to coat your asphalt shingle roof system to increase reflectivity and extend the life of your system. This treatment can be used for a multitude of residential and commercial roofing applications. Contact our specialists today and see what a protective coating can do for the strength and efficiency of your system.

Contact our experts to strengthen your commercial or residential building with professional roof rejuvenation. Based in Denver, we proudly serve customers all throughout the state of Colorado.