How Redoing your Roof Can Improve Your Curb Appeal

A home is one of the largest investments one will make in their life. Why wouldn’t you want to improve the investment where memories are made? Improving your curb appeal with a new and improved roof will not only make your neighbors swoon with envy, but will increase the overall value of your home.roofing maintenance in Denver

Our roofing maintenance in Denver offers the knowledge and experience needed in the following materials:

  • Asphalt Shingle- This is a beloved choice by many due to its diverse exteriors that complement many different types of home designs.
  • Single-Ply Membrane- This type of roofing is the ultimate choice for minimalists and lovers of clean lines.
  • Traditional Tile- Tile is a fan favorite that helps homeowners achieve a Spanish inspired décor to the exterior but appeals to many other design themes.
  • Stone Coated Steel- This type of roofing complements many different styles of homes while offering a classic aesthetic.
  • Metal- Metal roofing is ideal for homeowners that want to achieve an industrial design with sleek angles and lines.

Improving the roof over your head offers an upgraded sense of safety and overall value. Let our roofing maintenance in Denver help make your house a home with our large variety of roofing options. Contact us at (720) 407-6122 to request a roofing estimate today.

Replace vs. Repair: Picking Which is Best for Your Roof

Your roof is you and your family’s safety from whatever is happening outdoors, so it’s extremely important to make sure that it’s working in the way it should. So when you find it’s not working in the way it should, do you replace it or repair it? Here are some common scenarios in which you should repair your roofing system, and also some in which it’s best to replace it all together.
roofing maintenance in Denver

Repair Your Roofing System

  • Damaged shingles – Many times, a problem you’re having with your roof can be found in a torn or damaged shingle. This is a relatively inexpensive repair that doesn’t take too long to do.
  • An isolated area of damage – If there was a storm and one part of your roof has damage, it’s possible that only that part of your roofing system needs attention.

Replacing Your Roofing System

  • Older roof – If your roof is significantly older and causing issues to your home, it’s probably best to redo the entire roofing system. This will ensure that you’ll have a new, better working roof that will hopefully last for many years to come.
  • You’re selling your home soon – If your roofing system is causing issues to the rest of your home and you’re getting ready to sell, replacing the roof isn’t a bad option. This will not only increase the selling cost of your home but it will be more attractive to potential buyers as well.

Looking for roofing maintenance in Denver that can help decide if you should repair or replace your roof? Call on the professionals at R3ng, LLC today at (720) 407-6122!

Roof Inspections: What You Need to Know

Your roof is what keeps you and your home safe from whatever is happening outside, so it’s important to make sure it’s doing its job. Having a professional come to inspect your roof is crucial in maintaining the strength, appearance, and functionality of your entire home. Here’s what you need to know about roof inspections and how they can help keep you and your family safe.

When a Roof Inspection is Necessary

Many homeowners think that they should only have a roof inspector come if there’s a leak in the ceiling or physical damage. However, that’s not the case – scheduling a roof inspection before the colder months can help to prevent small problems from becoming larger. Additionally, roof inspections should be done after extremely harsh weather, such as hail storms, hurricanes, and any other type of storm that could cause physical damage to the roof.

roofing inspector inspecting roof


Elements of a Roof Inspection

When you hire a professional to inspect your roof, there are certain things that they’ll do during the length of the inspection. You can expect a professional roof inspector to do the following:

  • They’ll inspect both the interior and exterior structure for damage. This also includes the chimney, attic, and the shingles of the roof.
  • In addition to the exterior structure, they’ll check the shingles’ condition in relation to the roof, making sure they’re not missing, loose, or damaged in any way.
  • They’ll also check the gutters to make sure that they are working properly and not damaging the roof in any way.
  • The inspector will examine the ceilings on your home and make sure that there are no visible leaks, sagging, or water marks from the roof being damaged in any way.
  • The roof inspector will also check for signs of mold on the inside and outside of your home, which could be directly related to the roof not working properly.

If you’re looking for professional roofing in Denver, turn to the professionals at R3ng, LLC. Contact us for a quote today at (720) 407-6122.

What to Do When Your Roof is Damaged

roofing maintenance in Denver

Your home should be your safe place, regardless of what’s happening outside. When there’s dangerous weather and your home is at the center of it, your safety is always important. However, assessing the damage to your home, especially the roof, is your next step after making sure you and your family are safe. Here is your checklist of things to do when your roof is damaged by weather.

Take a quick walk – After the storm has passed and it’s safe to go outside, take a walk around the outside of your home. Make sure you’re keeping an eye out for any damage to roof, such as torn, ripped, or missing shingles. Also take inventory of any roofing accessories such as gutters and windows that are near your roof to assess their condition as well.

Assess the inside of your home – If there’s been damage to your room, check the inside of your home as well. Make sure you’re looking at the area in which your roof has been damaged for any leaking or cracks in the ceiling. In addition, also take a look at the other places in your home as well – there may be damage to your roof that you can’t see unless you’re on a ladder. Surveying the inside can help to locate those spots on the outside.

Call your insurance company – An important step once you’ve assessed the damage to your home after a storm is to call your homeowners insurance company to file a claim. Make sure you have very detailed notes when talking to the customer representative or claims adjuster on the phone, as this will help the process move smoothly and repairs quickly.

If you’re looking for roofing maintenance in Denver to help with your storm damage, turn to our talented staff at R3NG, LLC. Call us for a quote or more information at (720) 407-6122 today.

Preventing Trees from Damaging Your Roof

Denver commercial roofing According to the National Storm Damage Center, tree-related roof damage due to inclement weather causes around $1 billion in property damage. You can easily make sure your home or business is safe by having trees near your roof inspected by a Denver commercial roofing company.

Trees are exposed to the elements and take a beating from snow, rain, and high winds. If they hang over your home, they can become hazardous by damaging your roof’s structure. This can cause large or superficial problems. Eventually, if left unchecked, even the smallest of problems can turn into major damage.

Falling trees, broken branches and overgrown branches threaten your roof too. Storms with high winds and rains are usually the culprit of this kind of damage. Regardless of how healthy the trees around your home are, with a strong wind they can break and cause serious damage. It’s good to trim your trees to prevent this, along with the small problems overgrown foliage can cause. An overgrown branch can rub against a roof, creating friction that damages the roof’s outer layer. While this problem may not be visible, it can leave your roof vulnerable to leaks.

For many homeowners, insurance covers tree-related damage. So as soon as your home experiences damage, take action! Most damage can be easily prevented by regularly trimming trees near your home and inspecting your attic. If you do find a problem in your inspection or one arises, make sure you contact your Denver commercial roofing company before the problem worsens. By calling the right people, you can save time and money in the long run, no matter how big or small the problem is. Call R3ng, LLC. today at (720) 407-6122 to get an expert opinion on your roof and a free inspection.

Protecting Your Business’s Roof from Winter

While your store window may look inviting with icicles framing the rooftop, the impact of cold weather on your rooftop can be serious. When water and snow pile up and freeze, it’s a hazard. If the roof of your business isn’t ready, the ice can cause problems that will interrupt your business. You can help decrease the likelihood of major ice-related disasters by preparing your roof for inclement weather. Turn to the professionals at R3ing, LLC., to provide you with a weather safe commercial  roofing system in Denver.

ice on roof, commercial roofing system in denver

At its worst, ice damage can cause roofs to cave in and allow water damage to destroy your property. Ice dams can occur when snow melts and forms a little wall of ice by the eves. While the storm may be over, your business could still be in danger. When ice dams build up, it prevents water from dripping off and puts extra strain on the roof.

The experts at R3ng, LLC can inspect your roof to make sure there is proper insulation and ventilation, which can prevent ice dams from occurring. They can see if you need professional snow removal and recognize if there are signs of damage. We can help with ongoing maintenance and determine if you need a roof replacement or repair.

Common Factors of Roof Damage

We tend not to think about our roofs until the worst happens. By knowing what can cause roof damage, you can extend the life of your roof. Additionally, taking preventative measures, such as hiring roof coating services Denver and the surrounding area recommend, can save you time and money in the long run. But what factors cause roof damage in the first place?


Weather:  Typically, this is the culprit of most roof damage. Between heavy rain, winds, and even hail, your roof takes a beating from Mother Nature. While you can’t change the weather, having your roof inspected regularly, especially after harsh weather, can catch problems before they get better.


Animals: Critters can sometimes cause damage to your roof when looking for food or when taking shelter. Being aware of what animals are in your area and bringing out a pest specialist to handle any intruding creatures is the best and easiest way to prevent this damage.

Not Hiring the Right Roofer:  Not hiring the right contractors can cause you some of the most expensive damage. Be sure you have a reputable service provider, preferably one who is highly reviewed and rated.


By taking preventative measures, like investing in roof coating services Denver and the surrounding community trust, you’ll save money and have peace of mind. Also, your roofing service should be able to help you, regardless if you are a residential or commercial property. When looking for a roofing company to provide a number of highly rated services, contact R3ng LLC for your needs!





3 Tips to Keep Your Roof Damage Free from Holiday Decorations

The holidays are here, which means we are all busy decorating our homes to reflect the season. Christmas lights are a classic way to show off your festiveness when decorating the outside of your home. However, if not done right, these fun holiday decorations can mean repair bills for your roof. Lights can cause damage to a roof, but by following these tips, you’ll avoid holiday damage.

Festive Christmas House

  • Don’t attach your lights to the shingles on your roof. This can put a hole in the shingle, causing leaks and other small debris to enter your roof. Instead, attach them to your gutters or eaves.
  • When done celebrating, don’t yank your lights down! Be sure to unclip your lights part by part to avoid roof damage or damage to your decorations. If not, you may cause damage to your decorations too!
  • When in doubt, call a professional. There are plenty of professional services that can safely decorate for you if you aren’t sure. It may cost you a little more, but the end result will be worth it.

If you do encounter holiday or other roof damage this season, be sure to call R3ng, LLC. for help! We’re the residential roofing contractor Denver and the community trusts. We are the experts in repairing damage for both residential and commercial properties, so we’re ready for any job big or small. So remember, if you find any damage or need an inspection, call the residential roofing contractor Denver uses most! Visit today for more information.


Is It Time for Your Business to Get a New Roof?

Business owners have a lot to think about when it comes to their businesses. Between finances, day to day operations, and employees, owners tend to overlook some smaller details of their business. One of these details is the health of their roof. R3ng, LLC is a trusted commercial roof contractor Denver and the surrounding community trusts with their businesses. So does your roof need our help? Here are a few signs to look for before calling.

  • How old is your roof? Depending on the type of shingles, roofs can last anywhere from 15-25 years. This is if the roof was done correctly and you haven’t suffered any major weather damage. If your building is older, or you aren’t sure how old your current roof is, it might be time for an inspection.  Commercial
  • What do your shingles look like? If your shingles are curling, that is a key indicator of damage. Additionally, if you are missing shingles, it’s time to get some work done.
  • Is your chimney leaking? If your business has a chimney and you are noticing a leak or two around it, it is definitely time to call a professional. This indicates that there might be an issue with the chimney flashing, which seals the connection between the roof and the chimney.

Roof repairs are an important milestone in the health of your business, so be sure to remember its upkeep. When choosing a roofing company, choose the commercial roof contractor that Denver and Aurora, Colorado trust. R3ng LLC has a wide range of experience in commercial and residential roofing and is ready to tackle any problem your business may have!